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  • comicsnoble
    comicsnoble commented on the comic, Catwoman #9
    Catwoman #9

    This was a really great heist one shot. I had a lot of fun reading. I kind of liked the art, though it seems like it's not to everyone's tastes, and it is a departure from the normal aesthetic of this run. I had a lot of fun reading this.

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    • comicsnoble

      I always fixate on little details like that too!

  • comicsnoble
    comicsnoble commented on the comic, Superman #9
    Superman #9

    God, how much longer to we have to watch Jonathan get tortured?!? This poor kid!

    • luo09001

      Yeah this took a super dark turn. For the most past Bendis Superman comics have been upbeat and fun, but this part of Jon's experience is a wtf moment. I get the comic's art and Jon's nature and storytelling makes it more upbeat but when you really think about it, woof that's not gonna be good for his psyche in the future lol

  • comicsnoble
    comicsnoble commented on the comic, Little Bird #1
    Little Bird #1
    I was planning on picking this off the shelf. But I'm glad I didn't preorder. I took a quick peek through the internal pages and it was just too gorey for my tastes. Story might be worth it for others, but I usually steer clear of excessive entrails. That being said, the actual execution of the art was really well done and the color work on this book is amazing. I'm just squeamish.
    • cazepeda
      Definitely leans on the goryness! The art is pleasant even with such parts being graphic. Both story and art on this issue is pretty good! Looking forward to number #2!
  • comicsnoble
    comicsnoble commented on the comic, Red Hood: Outlaw #32
    Red Hood: Outlaw #32

    I hate how much I loved this. I was so close to dropping Red Hood, but this sucked me right back in. 

  • Finally have an excuse to start picking up Ms. Marvel in singles! I started collecting G. Willow Wilson's original run back when I was still exclusively collecting trades and I didn't want to have to hunt down 40+...
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