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    Sidekick comic displays from new comics publisher Allegiance Arts and Entertainment will be placed in the book departments of 3,384 Walmart stores, about 70% of the chain, on Tuesday, May 5.  The displays, which will hang on the side of an endcap display, will launch with four original middle-grade titles, priced at $4.98 for 24 all-story pages on 70-pound paper.

    The displays are being placed by Readerlink, which handles book distribution to Walmart. Their eight pockets will be used to display multiple issues of the books so readers will be able to find early issues even after the titles have launched. Plans are to launch with ten copies per store of each title. The comics will also be available on Walmart.com.

    The four titles are:

    -Norah’s Saga, written by Blake Northcott. Illustrated by Kelsey Shannon.

    -The Futurists: written by Patrick Stiles. Pencils by Butch Guice. Inks by Rick Magyar. Colors by Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser

    -Bass Reeves, written by Kevin Grevioux. Pencils and Inks by David Williams. Colors by Kelsey Shannon.

    -Red Rooster, written by Mark Pellegrini. Pencils and Inks by Mitch Breitweiser. Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser

    All books were edited by Patrick Stiles. Book Design by Chris Kendrick.

    All of the four have had Indiegogo campaigns in the past.  The campaign for a bundle of Norah’s Saga, The Futurists, and Bass Reeves raised $44,709 and has been fulfilled; the August 2018 campaign for Red Rooster: Golden Age, which raised $197,434, has not.

    The stories will be written in "seasons" of six "episodes," for eventual repackage into book format.

    The company was founded by comic artist Mitch Breitweiser, Eisner-nominated colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser, and Arkansas businessman David Martin, CEO of reputation management/crisis consulting firm Allegiance Consulting Group.


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    • ComicsGatekeeper

      @Pubestache - Yea i also heard the stickers wont be on there on the next batch. Great news.

  • ComicsGatekeeper

    What's everyone's favorite Punisher run? At the top of my list are Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX , Chuck Dixon's War Zone, and Dan Abnett's and Andy Lanning's Year One.

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    • Pbruce71
      I would go with the original mini-series by Steven Grant and Mike Zeck and Garth Ennis’s run.
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