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  • Comicgeekdad13

    Survey Question: What would you / do you collect?

    A. Single issues

    B. Trade Paper Backs

    C. Omnibus

    D. Mixture of all

    Bonus Question: If you collect multiple do you do so knowing you have mutliple copies of the same comic?

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    • MannequinRaces

      D) for me. TPBs when I first started collecting, floppies once I caught up, and try and buy HCs of my favorite series. 

  • Comicgeekdad13

    Need some advice lol. I am wanting to read some of Donny Cates' older stuff. What should I start with?

    • God Country
    • Thanos Wins, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Guardians, Silver Surfer Black
    • Redneck
    • Death of the Inhumans

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    • PKcomic411

      No one mentioned Buzzkill???!! Ha ha ha ha ha. Here's a synopsis: Ruben is an unconventional superhero who gets his powers through the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs. On one fateful day, facing a world-ending threat, Reuben drank so much that he blacked out. He saved the world...but he has no idea how or why. 2014 I believe, could be his first?

  • Comicgeekdad13

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know of a place (other than eBay) where you can buy comic lots?

  • Comicgeekdad13

    Does anyone know for sure is Fallen Angels (Dawn of X Series) is a limited run?

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    • masterofcomicsfu

      Yep, writer, editors, etc etc have confirmed it's done. Psylocke will be in Hellions and Cable in his own series now.

  • Comicgeekdad13

    What a great weekend, With the help of my beautiful wife "hotmessmom0f4" I was able to complete a bunch of runs that I had holes in!!, And she was able to get some good stuff too!

    • deepsea63
      Always a major plus if you can get the better half interested in your hobby, even more so if they collect too! Congrats!
Hello All, I am 38 years old and have been collecting comics since I was just a boy of about 8 years old.
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