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  • CodyHUN
    CodyHUN commented on the comic, Batman #50
    Batman #50

    Okay I have to say two things. One: of course the variant covers were nice but this concept have already been used in the Batman Annual #2. Two: We get it, you guys have wonderful eyes...am I the only one who thinks these are awful letters? Of course apart from this it was touching

  • Issues I gave 5 stars, sometimes with a little explanation (Spoilers might be in it). I am a newbie, with a weird taste, so if you disagree with any of the entry, this list is based on my favorite issues

  • CodyHUN
    CodyHUN commented on the comic, Captain Atom #2
    Captain Atom #2

    Yeah, so to be honest, I was just really interested about Captain Atom, because let's be frank, he looks awesome! I thought his body will be based on steel, maybe I heard it somewhere, but here, Nathaniel is pure energy and he is trying to get used to his abilities. The very first issue of this run was awful. The story itself was ridiculously slow, that is true, but the art was so oil painting...

  • CodyHUN
    CodyHUN commented on the comic, Batman #37
    Batman #37

    Every time I am reading comics I am wondering why a large portion of the storylines has to be about the end of the world. This, right here proves that a random double date can be just as exhilarating. I had some issues, especially with the repetition of the same image towards the end, but all in all, it is absolutely great. 

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    • Hermatt

      my Favorite issue in the run. 

  • CodyHUN
    CodyHUN commented on the comic, The Visitor #3
    The Visitor #3

    Okay, the Visitor looks and moves amazingly. But what's up with this series? It is dead slow and they spend a ton of pages of things that have been said already! And this Ogawa-Talia kiss at the end? Don't tell me that after days of constant fighting one compliment makes you fall in love with the other. 

I am trying hard to get into comics, not sure it will work Update: It did
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