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  • Cleggle

    It's that time of year again, what have been yout favourite comics of 2018? (ongoings from 2017, brand new series, etc). What has everyone really enjoyed reading this year? 

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    • masterofcomicsfu

      Immortal Hulk, These Savage Shores, Wasted Space, The Lone Ranger, Sabrina, Berlin, Fantastic Four, Prism Stalker, Nancy, The Green Lantern, Exit Stage Left, Eternity Girl, Black Bolt.

  • Cleggle
    Cleggle created a new list, Favourite comics of 2018

    Favourite books that launched in 2018

  • Cleggle

    UK leaguers, i'm intrigued. I was talking with a friend who gets her comics from her LCS in another city from mine, and her LCS offers different prices for her comics e.g. £3.50 for a $3.99. So, what price do you pay for your comics? My LCS does £3.35 for $3.99, £2.50 for £2.99, and £4.15 for $4.99. Which isn't too bad, also get a 10% discount with my pull. 

    Non UK leaguers, what does your LCS offer you discount wise with your pull? 

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    • Om
      My store offers a stamp card. Once you fill up the card you get $8 store credit.
  • Cleggle

    Happy new year, everyone! What were your favourite comics of 2017? (new, ongoing, etc).

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    • CaptainNervous

      Motor Girl

      Kill or Be Killed


      Sacred Creatures


      Generation Gone

      Aliens Dead Orbit

      Black Magic

      Black Hammer

      Detective Comics

      And looking forward to more good stuff in 2018 ; )

  • Cleggle

    So, with 2016 coming to an end, what has been everyone's favourite comic(s) this year? 

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    • bloodandink

      The Fix, Kill Or Be Killed, Black Monday Murders, Seven To Eternity, The Vision, Lady Killer 2, Lazarus, Wonder Woman: Year One

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