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  • ckjmg1

    Hello all...! I'm new here and I just restarted reading/collection comics again..long story so won't bore you. So I have a question...What are your thoughts on the following Comics: Rachel Rising, Thief of Thieves, Doctor Fate, Postal, The Fiction, Wolf

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    • Drumanespic
      DC have struggled for many years to realise 'Dr. Fate's ' potential in his own series and this week's issue loses momentum. An iconic character for me so I'm being patient, but I'm begonning to doubt.. Ales Kot is bristling with ideas and his work is distinctive enough to deserve giving 'Wolf' time to establish itself.
  • gregroyj42

    I have been reading Antony Johnston's Fuse vol 3 and I love his writting, I have heard Umbral is great as well.  Has anyone read Wasteland?  It sounds interesting but could be a lot of work finding it.  Is it worth it?

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