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  • MAR170404  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Joker Loves Harley TP
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 21st, 2017  ·  $16.99

    In these tales from issues #8-13, Harley's bond with Poison Ivy is severely tested! Then, The Joker is back-and he's out to win Harley's heart back, no matter who gets in the way...especially not Red Tool! View »

  • JUN170383  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Red Meat TP
    DC Comics  ·  Sep 13th, 2017  ·  $16.99

    When homeless people start to disappear, it’s Harley Quinn to the rescue! And when she learns that it’s the mayor who’s behind it all, Harley must put a stop to his scheme. Then, Harley Sinn is released... View »

  • OCT170360  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Harley Quinn Vol. 4: Surprise Surprise TP
    DC Comics  ·  Jan 10th, 2018  ·  $16.99

    Harley has faced every challenge even she could possibly imagine, but can she survive... a visit from her parents?! Harley's gang of misfits must be on their best behavior when the Quinzels come to Coney Island. Plus,... View »

  • FEB180286  
    Harley Quinn Vol. 5: Vote Harley TP
    DC Comics  ·  May 2nd, 2018  ·  $16.99

    DC’s most unpredictable antihero continues her adventures in the best-selling graphic novel series, HARLEY QUINN VOL. 5, a part of DC Universe Rebirth! Harley’s entire cast of crazy characters comes together... View »

  • MAY180581  
    Harley Quinn Vol. 6: Angry Bird TP
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 15th, 2018  ·  $19.99

    Ever since the Penguin started horning in on New York City, he and Harley Quinn have been stuck in a cold war...and it's about to heat up! Making a long-term investment in a Gotham City that's crawling with Bats... View »

  • SEP180583  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Harley Vs Apokolips TP
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 5th, 2018  ·  $16.99

    New series writer Sam Humphries’ run on HARLEY QUINN begins here! While on a tropical vacation, Harley Quinn is kidnapped by two Female Furies from Apokolips—and they’re making her an offer she can’t... View »

  • DEC180650  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Harley Quinn Vol. 2 Harley Destroys The Universe TP
    DC Comics  ·  Mar 27th, 2019  ·  $16.99

    Harley Quinn has a tough road ahead: travel through time and space to fix all the continuity errors she's created in her many misadventures. Luckily, she'll have help, because riding shotgun is none other than special... View »

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