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  • SEP051681  ·  CONSENSUS: 96%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 4: The Heart's Desire TP
    Image Comics  ·  Nov 30th, 2005  ·  $12.99

    Life in the prison starts to get interesting for Rick Grimes and the rest of our survivors. Relationships heat up, fizzle out, and change entirely almost overnight. By the end of this volume, relationships between key characters... View »

  • MAR061834  ·  CONSENSUS: 94%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 5: The Best Defense TP
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 27th, 2006  ·  $12.99

    As the survivors settle into their prison home something has drawn them out into the open... out of the prison... out of their sanctuary. This is a major turning point for the over-all story of THE WALKING DEAD and it sets... View »

  • DEC061874  ·  CONSENSUS: 95%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 6: This Sorrowful Life TP
    Image Comics  ·  May 2nd, 2007  ·  $12.99

    Trapped in a town surrounded by madmen, Rick must find a way out or die trying. Meanwhile, back at the prison, the rest of the survivors come to grips with the fact Rick may be dead. A major turning point in the series is... View »

  • JUL071937  ·  CONSENSUS: 95%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 7: The Calm Before TP
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 26th, 2007  ·  $12.99

    Lori's pregnancy has come to term ? the birth is near. After everything they've been through, though, can anything prepare Rick and the other survivors for what they are about to experience? A major turning point... View »

  • FEB082136  ·  CONSENSUS: 96%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 8: Made To Suffer TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 2nd, 2008  ·  $14.99

    They thought they were safe in the prison. They were wrong. A force far more deadly than the walking dead is at their door and when the dust settles, their rank will be decimated. No one is safe! Collects THE WALKING DEAD... View »

  • OCT110502  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves TP
    Image Comics  ·  Dec 14th, 2011  ·  $14.99

    The events of 'No Way Out' have affected everyone in the community, and not everyone has survived to pick up the pieces. Rick and the survivors must now try to pick themselves up and carry in the wake of disaster...... View »

  • APR120487  ·  CONSENSUS: 95%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 16: A Larger World TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jun 6th, 2012  ·  $14.99

    Rick discovers that there are communities of survivors nearby, and begins to explore a larger world. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #91-96. View »

  • JAN190186  ·  CONSENSUS: 90%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 31: The Rotten Core TP
    Image Comics  ·  Mar 6th, 2019  ·  $16.99

    Rick leads the Commonwealth's Governor, Pamela Milton, on a tour of the various communities Alexandria is aligned with. Naturally... terrible things begin to happen very quickly. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #181-186. View »

  • JUN190045  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    The Walking Dead Vol. 32 TP
    Image Comics  ·  Aug 7th, 2019  ·  $16.99

    The conflict in the Commonwealth hits a fever pitch… could this be the end of civilization as we’ve come to know it? Collects THE WALKING DEAD #187-193 View »

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