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  • ChrisM70
    ChrisM70 commented on the comic, The Batman's Grave #4
    The Batman's Grave #4

    Artwork is great.  One complaint: The lettering is a bit too tight or something.  The name "Hellfern" looks like "Hellfem" and "Scorn Army" reads like "Scom Army".  It would be nice if the lettering was more legible.

  • ChrisM70
    ChrisM70 commented on the comic, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #5
    Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #5

    The tone of this issue is all over the place. I have no idea where this story is going and if I'm supposed to like Jimmy or think he's a complete idiot.  (BTW, why does Batman not know who Jimmy Olsen is? Wouldn't a "master detective" know about a famous photographer/internet star who is tied to a wealthy Metropolis family and the long-time friend of Superman?). Maybe we're not supposed to...

  • ChrisM70
    ChrisM70 commented on the comic, Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1
    Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1

    My first reaction to Tom Scioli art was that I thought it was incredibly terrible (see cover of Transformers).  Since then I've come to appreciate his drawing to some extent. However… the colors on this FF: Grand Design book are really off-putting.  They are so dark and grimy looking that it's hard to read. Every page looks like someone laid a couple of greasy slices of pizza on them....

    • masterofcomicsfu

      The texturing is one of my favorite parts! Love how dense his cartooning is.

  • ChrisM70
    ChrisM70 commented on the comic, DC Villains Giant #1
    DC Villains Giant #1
    Mark Russell's Joker story is worth the $4.99 price all by itself!  I love his entertaining and socially relevant stories that also give a deeper look at the characters he's writing about.  (His Sinestro Year of the Villain issue is another good example)
  • ChrisM70
    ChrisM70 commented on the comic, Inferior Five #1
    Inferior Five #1

    So this story is based on the fallout from Invasion – a comic that came out in 1988?!?  I really loved Giffen's stuff with the JLA around that same time frame, but this seems like a really weird idea for a book since most modern comic book fans probably don't remember this story line from 30 years ago.  (and this book doesn't seem to be funny at all)

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