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  • Chimasternmay

    Is this site even working? I add stuff on my Pull List but once I switch page it removes what I just added. There is no point to doing it again if it just goes away again....Wtf does this site need to stay afloat> you need money? ask for donations.

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    • HuntMac
      You gotta learn your unique bugs and work around them then, haha.
  • Chimasternmay
    Chimasternmay commented on the comic, Morbius #1
    Morbius #1

    People with powers who want to loose that power = Pass

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    • B_joshm27

      Sure. Morbius has always wanted to cure himself, from what I understand he is a little like The Lizard but in Vampire mode(Not really a Vamp, but requires blood like a Vamp) he bit Spider Man, and was temporarily cured, this caused him to believe that Spider Man was his cure so to speak, and he became a Spidey Villain, later he joined the Midnight Sons(GR, DR. Strange Etc.) and became a monster hero type, and has been since, but has also never stopped trying to find a cure, basically if you like Marvel Monster/Super Natural Titles you might want to give it a shot. 

  • Chimasternmay
    Chimasternmay commented on the comic, Deadly Class #37
    Deadly Class #37

    Thank you for that end!

    I needed some of the New students to die, its only fair; and that one especially was deserving of it.

    • Taren

      Spoil tags are our friends. 

  • Chimasternmay
    Chimasternmay commented on the comic, Daredevil #1
    Daredevil #1

    How does comics work? so is this like a reboot?

    • gferg1991

      It's not a reboot. It's a place for people to jump on. It continues Daredevil's story but is a great place for new readers to start. 

  • Chimasternmay
    Chimasternmay commented on the comic, Deadly Class #36
    Deadly Class #36

    Trippy issue, Now I wonder how they are gonna go back to Kings Dominion, especially Marcus and Maria since they be dead. aka shits gonna go down and things gonna change again...

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