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  • cDawn

    So... The updated app is awesome. But, today I got a new update (v 2.0.4 on Android) and suddenly there's a rotation lock. What's up with that? As the rotation locks in landscape that kind of makes the app really hard to navigate. If there's something on my end that can be done I'd appreciate the suggestions. Thanks!

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    • Xploited

      I had intended to lock to a device's preferred orientation, but it sounds like most are just being wacky. I'll remove the change in the next update going out this weekend.

  • cDawn

    I'm loving the app update! The app was useful before but with the update the app is totally awesome! Great work!

  • cDawn

    Hi guys, I'm drawing a complete blank right know, how do you add comics to a series that just has been approved? I know I've done it in the past but for the live of me I'm unable to figure out how I did it...
    Any help is appreciated. :)

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    • ianisalways

      I'm guessing it's this one?


      I just checked your submissions and searched. It didn't show up for locke and key, but did for small world. Maybe it's the & causing an issue? I'm not sure why it didn't show up in the other search. But hope that helps!

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