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The Original Turok, Son of Stone #1
The Original Turok, Son of Stone #1 Review
February 13th, 2020

This issue does a more than respectable job of presenting several 1960s Turok stories to modern readers. These stories were originally published long before Valiant held the rights to the character, so I can only imagine the effort that went into acquiring and restoring the original artwork in an era (the mid-1990s) when such reprints were not at all common.

The color restoration leans hard into the warm hues of Valiant's typical house style, but it's an attractive reinterpretation without the anachronisms of many other reprint projects of this time (e.g. Dark Horse's Conan reprints).

Oh, and the stories are fun! I love the way Alberto Giolitti renders dinosaurs in this series. I really need to finish reading the Turok: Son of Stone Archives collections that began appearing about ten years after this reprint edition was published.

Really Liked It


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