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  • CarnuSaga
    Okay, so it's not just Archie in a gloomy mood anymore... it's everyone. But that makes sense now, since America has actually entered World War II. (It's still unclear why Archie is such an insensitive snot in...
  • CarnuSaga
    CarnuSaga commented on the comic, Shuddertown HC
    Shuddertown HC

    Can anyone recommend this? I believe the hardcover is out of print, but I'm thinking about tracking it down.

  • CarnuSaga
    The artwork is lovely, but man is the story dour. If Archie is going to act like a Tennessee Williams character, I'm going to need a lot more justification going forward than what we get here.
  • CarnuSaga
    This early-career series from Nick Spencer is an uncomfortable read today in the same way as a lot of independent series from the aughts. That is, it casually deploys language toward women and LGBTQ people that, while not...
    • Taren
      Yes yes and yes! And the comic book world is a more rich and diverse world to read in. I love it. 
  • CarnuSaga
    This series wraps things up a bit too tidily, as I feared it would, but it's not a total flop. There's a great plot turn at the end that I wasn't expecting. Again, Klaus Janson does great work here -- the story...
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