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  • CarnuSaga
    CarnuSaga reviewed M3 #9
    More and more, it feels like this series should have wrapped in six issues. There just isn't enough material to fill a second story arc. Here again the characters respond almost robotically to an overly convenient narrative...
  • CarnuSaga
    CarnuSaga reviewed M3 #8
    The Dickensian coincidence that this issue (and, it would seem, this entire story arc) relies on is beyond preposterous. So is the way the characters react to it. Even if there turns out to be more to the story and a certain...
  • CarnuSaga
    CarnuSaga reviewed M3 #7
    This issue does the only thing more annoying than changing the status quo for no reason: it doesn't change the status quo, but pretends that things are somehow radically different than they were before. Huh? We're...
  • How on earth did DC decide which stories to reprint in this series? Did an editor just step into the DC archive -- which I can only imagine as a dusty, oversized closet filled with haphazardly labeled long boxes -- throw...
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    • CarnuSaga

      It definitely went in an unexpected direction, I'll give it that. I was not anticipating sci-fi elements in a Golden Age Western story, especially since they weren't at signaled in the story's title either. And I definitely wasn't expecting the hero to fight a chicken with the physique of a man.

  • This is more like it! Eschewing the decidedly lame selection of villains in the first issue, Wanted #2 reprints a Golden Age team-up between Penguin and the Joker. The issue's second half reprints a Silver Age Flash...
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