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  • CamiloxRangel

    So House of X / Powers of X TPB is coming pretty soon. Is there anything before these collected issues I should consider picking up? I'm trying to buy this book for a friend of mine who's really into the X-Men. I just don't want to buy him something that's gonna leave him asking for more. I like to think a comic as a gift should not entice him to buy any more books to get the "full" story. So... with that in mind should I buy him the collected issues of House of X and Powers of X?!

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    • SM_2099

      It is an amazing run. It basically takes everything X men that has been thrown at the canvas over the years and finally creates structure and proper world building. As a gift and to put to rest the worry of leaving it open ended to wanting more. The HOX\POX run is also available on Marvel Unlimited and houses almost all back issues that may help answer any questions and give the feel of having it all without having to hunt down anything. Plus, some of the DOX issue are starting to show up as well. Admittedly, Marvel’s site is a little hard to navigate but this link may help it is a complete index of all titles to give a feel of what is available. https://www.marvel.com/comics/series

  • CamiloxRangel
    CamiloxRangel commented on the comic, The Dollhouse Family #6
    The Dollhouse Family #6

    What a great GREAT series. I liked everything about it. Two things though,

    1. The last issue to come out was a little late due to a worldwide pandemic, no big deal. So it kinda prolonged the wait for the ending of the story.

    2. The ending took a little longer to come out (see point 1) but that just gives me a good reason to re-read the whole series again!

    All in all, I'm really...

  • CamiloxRangel
    CamiloxRangel commented on the comic, The Terrifics #27
    The Terrifics #27

    Had a good run while we lasted, huh boys?

  • CamiloxRangel
    CamiloxRangel commented on the comic, The Green Lantern Season Two #3
    The Green Lantern Season Two #3


    Now that, was fun.

  • CamiloxRangel
    CamiloxRangel commented on the comic, Justice League #45
    Justice League #45

    She's right...

    I'm about to BOIL OVER.

Lazy days like today make me want to hit the Felvine.
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