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  • MannequinRaces

    Congrats to all of the Eisner award winners and nominees! I need to get caught up on Monstress (three issues behind)! Tom King haters still gonna hate, lol. List of nominees and winners here.

  • calhaus

    Hi! :) Can i search comics by rating, most pulled, genres...? I would like to know what are the most pulled/subscribed issues/series, or the top rated ones but i can't find a way. Also it would be cool to see global website collection statistics, same as personal "collection stats" but for everyone :)

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    • walkerjonas
      There's a "mini" version of this when you simply click on the "browe" side - bar button. It gives you the most pulled issue for next week, and if you click on the publisher icons on the top of the page it'll divide them per publisher. Also the featured comics on the "browse" section are the best rated for the current week.
  • matpress

    So me and a few friends have been doing this stream spoiling the story of all the Marvel books for the week. Really unprofessional, just fun round up so we know the full focus of the Marvel Universe. Feel free to join us.


  • calhaus

    Hi! :) How do i edit the name of a series or an issue/tpb? For example: http://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/comics/series/104966/man-called-kev This is actually "A man called Kev" and not just "Man called kev", this is important for the search... Also i saw a TPB with a calligraphy error, how can i edit it? And finally, i saw one-shot that it could/should be in a specific (already created) series and not separated in a different one, can i move it? Thanks, calhaus

    Browse issues from the comic book series, Man Called Kev, from Wildstorm.
    • Daniel
      I don't think normal users can edit names right now. Submit a help desk ticket by clicking the '?' in the bottom right hand corner of your screen
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