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  • Buffyboy27
    Buffyboy27 commented on the comic, Powers In Action #4
    Powers In Action #4
    Is this EVER coming out?
  • Buffyboy27
    Buffyboy27 commented on the comic, Justice League Dark #10
    Justice League Dark #10
    This book is so well done. The JL book needs to take notes from this one. Characters are perfect and messed up. The situation has weight and makes me excited but anxious to see the ending. I don’t feel lost or like I don’t understand what is happing like in the JL title. Really solid book all over.
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    • Taren

      I am a Dr. Fate fan as well. I have fond memories of the 80s series. Such a great character. 

  • Buffyboy27
    Buffyboy27 commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #69
    Wonder Woman #69
    Boring. Also why is Aphrodite back in her shirt dress? Ugh well I tried but this is sadly coming off my pull list. Why is it so hard to give WW a decent rogues gallery?
  • Buffyboy27
    Buffyboy27 commented on the comic, Outer Darkness #5
    Outer Darkness #5
    I LOVE this book so much. Such odd and interesting characters and take on two genres that shouldn’t go together. Also super happy they have finally started an actual story line that’s shaping up to be fun and interesting.
    • MannequinRaces

      It's taken five issues to get a storyline going, whoa! :) 

  • Buffyboy27
    Buffyboy27 commented on the comic, Female Furies #2
    Female Furies #2
    I’m I the only one that things this book is super atrocious? It’s so out of charter for all of them. The art is oddly good but some super awkward fight scene poses. Plus all the man hate. It’s soo heavy handed in the we hate men scene.
    • blackertai
      I have found it fun, and in the spirit of the original Kirby 4th World stories. It's entirely in character for all of them, including Big Barda! This is previous to her relationship with Scott Free; she was a full on Fury!
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