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Suicide Squad #7
July 29th, 2020

I really love this run. After it started kind of slow in the first few issues, it really picked up from issue 4 and on. And this issue did not dissapoint. Deadshot has always been a character I was interested in, and to have an issue like this, where it really focuses on him, and his physocology was very interesting. When you look at him he doesn't seem that complicated; He shoots people, I mean just a couple issues ago he blew someones' head off! (Although he does point on this issue that he didn't start it) But here we get to see him reunite with his family, and Tom Taylor really shows that there is more to this character, and writes some truly emotional panels with Floyd and his daughter. Deadshot has looked like an interesting character throughout this run so far, and I'm so glad Taylor finally utilized him more for an issue, and it worked really well. This is probably my favorite DC run right now, and I definetely reccomend this.

Loved It


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