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Thor #8
The War Wages Before It Begins
Thor #8 Review
December 20th, 2018
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Now that we have finally gotten the anouncement that the War of the Realms event is quickly approaching, Aaron's Thor is starting to feel more laborious. It doesn't help that this issue is erouniously out of order. On more than three seperate pages we get time cues that say things like "The Day Before Yesterday" and "Tomorrow". The classic trope of non linear time in comics really destroys the pacing of this issue. 

As always del Mundo's art and colors are so beautiful and fun to look at. We get to see some pretty gruesome stuff in this issue and the art really makes it pop (like Thor's eyes in one panel). The depth of field is striking throughout and looks especially good in panels like the one during the confrontation between Thor and the Angels of Heven. Aaron flushes out some more technical aspects of Thor's powers as a god (a deific healing factor) and how the Realm of Heven operates (prison spaceships filled with soldiers). These little details are articulated by the wonderful art of del Mundo.

A couple of the less serious moments of the issue fall flat. Early on in a beautiful splash page of Thor and Valkirie being dragged off by Angels, Thor yells "I am not locked in here with you. You are trapped in here with me". Methinks a little too on the nose! Also Thori. The more Thori I read, the more I get tired of Thori. Smaller gags like the animals breaking through the prison wall in a triumphant flash of feathers work better than the constant jokey droning of Thori while he walks in the rain with Jane (this scene almost felt completely unnecessary).

I fear that over the next four months the readers journey to the War of the Realms is going to be stretched to an eternity. This could be one of the most anticipated events in recent Marvel memory. Hopefully editors and marketing don't run it into the ground like everything else over the last three years.


Liked It


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  • Taren

    Have you been reading Thor from the beginning of Jason Aaron's run?  I still need to read the first 4 Vol of trades. I am behind on Thor right now but looking forward to catching up. I can only hope you are incorrect in saying this will become more labor intensive to read. 

    I wish I could say I like del Mundo's art. It is just too all over the place for my tastes. Now, the last run had some fantastic art.

    Reply  ·  1 year ago