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  • bruc3b4nn3r
    I've loved this series since issue #1. The story has had so many emotional moments and Willa's character is hard not to fall in love with. At the end of this issue there is a suprise that I've been hoping would...
    • tatere
      How is she standing on the ground and jumping? What's keeping her from flying off into the sky?
  • bruc3b4nn3r
    bruc3b4nn3r commented on the comic, Self/Made #3
    Self/Made #3
    Anybody else excited to see Amala and Rebecca kick some Ghost King butt?
    • thaddeus1

      100% Will pick up my issue this evening! And listen to the podcast on the way home!

  • bruc3b4nn3r
    bruc3b4nn3r commented on the comic, The Immortal Hulk #12
    The Immortal Hulk #12

    This issue hit me right in the feels. I didn't think it would be possible to make me feel bad for a such monster.

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