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  • Bronwynfahr
    Bronwynfahr commented on the comic, House of X #4
    House of X #4

    Fantastic arc. Not a kind of self-conscious, trying real hard to be smugly cool like Morrison’s ‘New X-Men’. While the plot is inspired, it’s  not derivative . The Art has influences by the best OLD school artists.  Jean’s mental projection is a beautifully done pull from Neal Adams (an effect that Byrne always did so well, back when he actually tried to draw).  The Gene...

  • Bronwynfahr
    This series goes from strength to strength. The artwork isn’t fine lines, but the thicker renderings of old-school Marvel Artists. There were quite a few panels of Nightcrawler that looked like they were done by Gene Colan...
  • Bronwynfahr
    Bronwynfahr commented on the comic, Uncanny X-Men #17
    Uncanny X-Men #17

    Crappy artwork (again) . A filler story that only gets interesting the last two pages.

  • Bronwynfahr
    Bronwynfahr commented on the comic, Return of Wolverine #3
    Return of Wolverine #3

    The art looked in many panels like that of a sophomore H.S. Student’s.  Marvel really leaned into devaluing their mutant titles, they seem to get the artists that have just broken into the industry.  The story is boring and glacially paced. Ugh.

  • Bronwynfahr
    Mc Niven must have pulled out his back issues and some tracing paper. He really did one of the best imitations of another artist’s work that I have ever seen. Better than when Sienkiewicz was doing Neal Adams and DEFINITELY...
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