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Nightwing #8
Rise Of The Raptor
Nightwing #8 Review
November 16th, 2016
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Rise of the Raptor was an amazing storyline. Reading this wrap up issue made me so proud to be a Nightwing fanboy. The art is amazing, I found myself flipping back just to look at the art. Raptor is an awesome villain and his ties to Dick's family make it that much more intriguing. I really hope we get to see Raptor again. A+++ for this arc. 

Also, I'm a big big big fan of the variant cover for this issue. 

Loved It


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  • Blackpoll

    Like you, I really hope we see Raptor again! He was such a fun vigiliante - I love the scene where he was signing the Raptor theme. This final issue to the arc was pure gold!

    Reply  ·  3 years ago
  • Brandinosaur

    Yes Raptor's so complicated and charismatic and just freaking cool. Perfect foil to Nightwing because he's the KING of complicated and charismatic and everything cool.

    Reply  ·  3 years ago
  • system7878

    Agree, what a finale!

    Reply  ·  10 months ago