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  • Braijin
    Any high stakes battle with Bullseye involved tends to make any comic better, but this series has the extra advantage of just being good regardless. The rules of Jane’s new role in life continues to get established and...
    • tecclaws

      TOTALLY agreed!!! I really liked this book...it actually brought a tear tp my eyes at one point...not saying when because I do not want to spoil it.

  • Braijin
    Braijin reviewed Reaver #3
    The vibe of a Fantsay version of DC’s Suicide Squad is more apparent than ever in this issue. It seems like something that the creative team has fully embraced and that is nothing but good for the book.
    • Imcubillo

      Awesome comparison to DC’s Suicide Squad, this has been a fun book with a ragtag team on what seems to be an impossible mission. Great catch. 

  • Braijin
    This book has officially changed my opinion of this series from something I knew that I could eventually really like to something that I actually do really like. The story threads that separately seem muddled come together...
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    • ein

      I went back and read this and you're right. There's an off-screen transfer of information somewhere. It's possible (?) in the distress call that information was sent by the Sundog that we don't see the extent of when Vess gets the message. It's also possible that Vess sent her name back, but in the confusion of getting a reply on a coded frequency that no one actually read the message until it was time to send a response back (otherwise the "whoever sent this" comments are reaaaaally weird one page before "Hi Vess, this is Grix").

  • Braijin
    This is a book that would be still worth the price of admission if it did not have a single word written down due to how amazing and beautiful the art is. What’s even better thst the scripting is actually not too bad either,...
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    • Braijin

       This series and Sea of Stars are in a fierce battle for best coloring this year. 

  • Braijin
    I’m a sucker for self contained crime stories, and this one did not disappoint. I feel, however, that one appearance at the end would confuse those who don’t read the series regularly as well as Selina's recent relationship...
    • CamiloxRangel

      Yeah, what's going on? I just assumed that her and Lois Lane usually just avoid each other. Eh, didn't really put too much thought into it but I do agree about self-contained crime stories especially when they start from the aftermath of it all and lead you through all the events through different perspectives.

      I hate seeing the use of cellphones in comics though. I don't know how to deal with it. Bleh!

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