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  • Another great retelling of iconic moments along with excellent backmatter.
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    • PKcomic411
      Did you continue with this series? I'm thinking of getting the trade on Wednesday
  • Braijin

    Finally finished my top 25 series of the Decade list.  In no particular order:

    1. Saga

    2. The Wicked + Divine

    3. Murder Falcon

    4. She Could Fly

    5. Immortal Hulk

    6. Hawkeye (Fraction/Aja)

    7. Ms. Marvel

    8. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

    9. HoX/PoX

    10. Superman' Pal Jimmy Olsen

    11. The Wild Storm

    12. These Savage Shores

    13. Giant Days

    14. Lumberjanes

    15. Black Hammer

    16. Descender 

    17. Paper Girls

    18. Royal City

    19. Sleepless

    20. 4 Kids Walk into a Bank

    21. Fence

    22. Gideon Falls

    23. Silver Surfer (Slott/Allred)

    24. Runways (Rowell/Anka)

    25.  Ice Cream Man

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    • Kroenen23034
      We would have a lot of the same books. Almost all the indie stuff you picked would be on mine minus a couple.
  • Braijin
    The road to darkness is also paved with good intentions as Tim Hunter is feeling negative repercussions for the bad decisions he has made. It’s also strange that this series and Punks Not Dead both have a paranormal detective...
    • Easybrand
      I’m struggling with this book. I want to like it and i kinda do, but it just doesn’t grab me like other Sandman Universe books.
  • Braijin
    Braijin reviewed DIE #9
    A surprising and wonderful guest cameo helps build the lore of this strange new world. It’s wonderful when literary and comic book worlds collide.
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    • Easybrand
      I still love the series, but each one leaves me asking what exactly is going on here. Does anyone else feel there is a huge gap in the story that never gets filled? Am the only one who just has a vague understanding of what is happening and the world they occupy?
  • Braijin
    Braijin commented on the comic, Klaus: How Santa Claus Began TP
    Klaus: How Santa Claus Began TP

    Just finished this and have to say that it’s pretty awesome and will probably be a must-read during holiday seasons to come. 

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    • Braijin

      I didn't realize how many Mora series I have read and enjoyed until I searched their name wondering why their name sounded so familiar. 

"Braijin's Sentence or Two Reviews" are on hiatus for now. My apologies to those who liked them. Star Rating Explanation: 1*: Terrible 2*: Did not like 3*: For fans of the subject or creators 4*: Enjoyable for anyone 5*: A Must Read.
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