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  • boxwino
    boxwino created a new list, Influences

    Best comics read that have influenced the way I write and think about putting comics and story together

  • TenguTech

    Trying to add credits to comics originally in languages other than English, I realised there needs to be the credit type Translator.

    Go vote for my request: Add Creator type Translator

  • Taren

    Yeah that 3rd episode of Dracula was rough. But, I still enjoyed it as a whole. I can say if this was a comic book we would be eating it up! It just seemed like the 3rd episode was missing something the other episodes had... I will need to think. But anything the BBC does is always a cut above. 

  • ERVI

    The Phoenix's heart is not yet consumed by hatred

  • MannequinRaces

    For fans of Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity, Murder Falcon, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth) and wrestling he has his wrestling sketchbook for sale that he did during the month of October. Signed copies. A little pricey at $20 plus $5 shipping for 32 pages but it's pretty sweet. Here'a link to his Twitter for more info. 

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