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  • Bobafett241

    I found Darth Vader # 3, 1st print! VERY hard to find...this issue is going up in value quickly :)

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    • CaptainNervous

      If it wasn't for the introduction of Aphra I would have given up on the series.

  • zennlavian

    Old + new geeks - Warlock 5 was a fantastic indie series back in the day, but like a lot of B&W comics, it bounced around between publishers, had huge delays between issues, your shop might not carry it because of low print runs, etc. I was super surprised to see the complete omnibus just go up on Kickstarter - including a few issues they had in the can but were never released. This is not only a fun comic but a slice of history. Kick it >> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/outlandent/warlock-5-omnibus-by-den-beauvais-and-gordon-derry?ref=user_menu

  • Bobafett241

    What are your views regarding variant covers?

    • bn00880

      my views are apathetic. i don't think they are causing harm but i don't buy them myself. why spend  $15 on a variant when i can almost get a week's worth of comics for that much  

  • Bobafett241

    Looking for 1st print Star Wars #4, Darth Vader #2,3,9

  • batmanandthor

    Which was better - New 52 or Marvel Now(2012)?

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