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Crosswind #1
Interesting premise with huge potential, but didn't stick the debut landing.
Crosswind #1 Review
June 30th, 2017
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I fipped through the pages of this at my comic shop and thought the art was interesting. It was kind of photo-realistic, mixed with differeing layering and composition styles. The opening scene had me anticipating a gradual build-up to something extravagant, but nothing came from that. I am sorry to say that this issue really did not impress me at all. The scenes between the two main characters -- one timid housewife and one mobster -- with no connective tissue to hold these scenes together. We just jump from one abrupt scene to the next. It feels like there are panels -- or even several pages -- missing in between some of the scenes.

The characterizations of all the major players seems to have been haphazardly developed, with no concern for fluid storytelling. I think I can predict what's going to happen within this debut arc: SPOILERS AHEAD: Cason, now taking on the body and appearance of a woman, will be approached by those neighborhood horny boys again. When one of the boys tries to sexually harass "her" again, she (Cason) is most likely going to kick his ass to shreds. The housewife, now taking on the role as a mob hitman, will be taken aback by all the brutality of that job, but will gradually take a liking to being a tough enforcer. She'll also kick her two-timing husband's ass to shreds. 

All in all, this was a disappointing debut, yet I find it interesting enough to see where it goes. So I'll wait for when my local library carries the trade paperback.

Didn't Like It


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  • PKcomic411
    Disagree. Everything after your SPOILERS AHEAD is most likely true and I can't wait to see it! I'm not a fan of Gail, but agree this art is gorgeous. And it's not haphazard!?!? It's two storylines of two characters concurrently. Not all one protagonist and then all of the other protagonist before they cross. That would be horrible. You must not like Tom King's style at all. Like AT ALL. He's the master at it right now
    Reply  ·  2 years ago
  • PKcomic411
    It's formulaic, predictable and a trope and somehow can't wait to see it unravel! Ha. Art is gorgeous and great paneling. I posted a counterargument to the negative review just. I'm getting the trade
    Reply  ·  2 years ago