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Wonder Woman #8
An exciting divergence from Year One!
October 15th, 2016

Didn't know this was going to be a one-shot, but nevertheless it was still very enjoyable. And that art! It's comparable to Nicola Scott's work. I think this is my first experience with Bilquis Evely's art. Maybe he or she can take over when Scott's run is unfortunately complete. The writing for this issue was great as usual, thanks to Mister Rucka.

Loved It


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  • Enki345

    Well I'm happy to inform you that Bilquis Evely (she :D) will be taking over after Nicola Scott leaves with #14. I previously read Sugar and Spike with her art and I fell in love with it, she is quickly becoming one of my favourite comic artists. Although, the change of colorist from Ivan Plascencia to Romula Fajardo Jr. did affect her art in a negative way. I hope she and/or her editors have also noticed this.

    Reply  ·  3 years ago
  • bloodandink
    I'm glad to hear that! I'll have to check out her previous work.
    Reply  ·  3 years ago