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The Beauty #8
The Beauty #8 Review
June 16th, 2016

Weakest issue of the series so far. The story didn't grab me at all. Weldele, the guest artist, did the alternate cover for issue #7 which was great, but I think he's better at doing covers compared to his interior work with this issue. The art was inconsistent, literally from page to page. This series still has a lot of promise so I'm looking forward to next month's installment.

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  • cypressi

    Yeah, the interior art style kind of threw me off, but I appreciate the creators' efforts in showcasing lesser-known artists.  Welder's painterly and water colour-esque techniques are fantastic though, really pretty to look at.

    Reply  ·  4 years ago
  • bloodandink

    Yeah I'd like to see Weldele do more covers. It would be cool if they hired him to be the permanent cover artist, just like how Tim Seeley and Mike Norton has Jenny Frison do all the covers for Revival.

    Reply  ·  4 years ago