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Hyperion #1
If the first issue of The Vision hooked you in, there's a good chance you'll also like this.
Hyperion #1 Review
March 25th, 2016

Holy smokes, this was unexpectedly good! The last time I held a similar sentiment was when The Vision #1 came out. Didn't feel like a Marvel book and it had a sharp turn in the story. Is this the next Vision? Also, there goes my wallet. Will probably follow the first arc monthly.

Loved It


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  • bloodandink

    Anyone else get a chance to read this? It was surprisingly, auto-add-to-my-pull-list good.

    Reply  ·  4 years ago
  • Zephyria
    I have not read Hyperion, but Squadron Supreme (which he is a member of) has been really, really good.  This will be one I'll likely pick up the trade for if it remains good, along with Squadron Supreme.
    Reply  ·  4 years ago