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Saga #27
Rocky pacing, but a great turning point for Marko.
Saga #27 Review
July 29th, 2016

I've been re-reading the entire series since I've been behind on the most recent arcs. So after the second read, I've gathered some observations that were left undiscovered with the first read. This will mark the first time that I say this regarding this series, but this issue kind of felt like a filler issue. Several important plot meets were revealed, but they were pieced in between detailed insight into Marko's past. Consequently, the entire issue felt a bit inconsistent with its pacing. Regardless, it was still a very good read and after seeing the cliffhanger page, I'm excited about the next issue! I mean come on, the FIRST filler issue after 26 issues? That's pretty good.

Really Liked It


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