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  • Blippi
    Blippi commented on the comic, Barrier #2
    Barrier #2
    Can I ask if the Spanish parts are relevant. I don't speak the language and when I flipped through I thought I would be missing out on half of the story.
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    • IstvanTheHun

      I agree, its much better if you can translate it

  • Blippi
    Blippi commented on the comic, Redneck #2
    Redneck #2
    God Country had a good start and great story. Redneck and Babyteeth, I feel are moving at a slower pace with the story. The writing is great, I just don't understand the hype when the stories didn't progress a heck of a lot, in the first issues, to garner so much excitement.
    • Taren

      This did nothing for me but the first issue of Babyteeth was pretty good. 

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