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  • BlakeMP
    BlakeMP reviewed Outlawed #1
    Remember when this was called "Civil War"? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  • BlakeMP
    BlakeMP commented on the comic, Legion of Super-Heroes #7
    Legion of Super-Heroes #7
    It takes seven issues for anybody in this comic to display a personality, and that personality is "Cosmic Boy whines a lot."
  • BlakeMP
    BlakeMP reviewed Primer OGN
    As a teacher, father, and uncle, I'm always looking for new comic books that I think might hook kids. Having just read DC's new Primer graphic novel, I'm glad to have found one. The premise is simple: girl finds...
  • It took a little time to get to it, but I just finished reading the new Love and Capes miniseries, "The Family Way," by Thomas Zahler. This book. Man. If you've never read it, first of all, ya gotta. It started...
  • BlakeMP
    BlakeMP commented on the comic, Dennis the Menace #140
    Dennis the Menace #140

    Stuck at home, decided to pass the time by reading some of the mountain of comics I've gotten from bargain bins and grab bags over the years.

    I was not prepared for "Dennis the Menace visits the Winchester Mystery House."

Blake M. Petit is a writer, columnist, reviewer, podcaster, actor, director, and teacher from Ama, Louisiana. He is the author of several novels, short stories and nonfiction examinations of geek culture available both in print and in eBook form. He’s the
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