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  • blactec

    Hello Everyone -!!

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    • Mara

      Yo Blactec, how's it going? 

  • blactec

    I love comics been collections since 1991.  So let's talk comics. lol

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    • bryonerlene

      I started in 1969 when i was nine.    We lived at Luke AFB in arizona,  had to evac to san antonio to wilford hall medcenter for all my surgeries,   All i had were comic books to escape the constant pain at times lol.   My very first Avengers was # 75, still have it lol.   My folks encourage me to collect, now i am 56 and still collecting,  I started with Marvel, branched to DC, Image (a little),  IDW, etc.   couple of years ago started by original comic book art and production pieces used in the making of the books, and toys,  will have my man cave in about a year,  wife understands and doesnt mind.  Not sure about the rest of you, but it got into my blood.   love book stores , and conventions where i can meet the artists and writers, love talking to them.

  • blactec
    blactec commented on the comic, Cyborg: Rebirth #1
    Cyborg: Rebirth #1
    oh man I was going to get this one.
    • Brandinosaur

      Yeah it was pretty underwhelming. Just skip rebirth and grab number one if you're still interested in giving it a try.

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