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Joker: Killer Smile #2
Standing apart from all the Joker stuff
December 26th, 2019

Writing a Joker story that does not feel like something you've been told countless time time is not easy, yet Lemire keeps on following this very path in issue #2. Sorrentino delivers on all front and with Gideon Falls, Lemire and Sorrentino have reached a symbiosis that feels special and unique. It's well written and visually striking.

I was wondering how the "psychiatrist being played by his patient" could be approached in a novel way, but I did not see that twist coming toward the end. I am really looking forward to the conclusion on the story. I usually trust Lemire blindly into his story and he proved once again that this trust was well placed.

Loved It


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  • Taren

    Yes. Great stuff. I still need to read this issue. Jeff Lemire is a special talent. Sorrentino is at the top of his game here. 

    Reply  ·  8 months ago
  • Wheezy1892
    This was great. I am not really enjoying the magazine format but at least this one utilises best of it.
    Reply  ·  8 months ago
  • BigMiracle

    I agree with you. DC is really overselling the format lately, but this one is worth it. 

    Reply  ·  8 months ago
  • lonianderson1979

    This is a nice little psychological thriller we have in our hands. Very fun!

    Reply  ·  8 months ago