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  • BigMiracle
    BigMiracle commented on the comic, Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 1 HC
    Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 1 HC

    With the current  Covid-19 crisis, I am finding time to read old classics like this one and I now realize why Alan Moore is considered such a giant in modern comic book. It is so well written, thoughtful, poetic and at the same time extremely entertaining and fun. I couldn't stop once I started. Everyone should read this, it truly is a masterpiece

  • BigMiracle
    BigMiracle commented on the comic, Alienated #2
    Alienated #2

    Love Spurrier and the art on this, but I thought the story was a bit scattered at the beginning of this issue. I still have no real idea of what the alien's powers are exactly. We'll find out soon I hope.

  • BigMiracle
    BigMiracle commented on the comic, Family Tree #5
    Family Tree #5

    Really looking forward to the next issue with this ending!

  • I have not idea why this flew right over my head when it came out. I must be living on a farm or something (pun intended!...sorry). I picked it up after getting the Black Hammer : 3 for 1$ at my comic shop and could not...
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    • Taren
      PSA. Read everything Jeff Lemire writes. Ha ha. He is an amazing writer. 
  • BigMiracle
    BigMiracle commented on the comic, The Terrifics #25
    The Terrifics #25

    I was really better than I expected. I merely expected a gimmick or an half-ass story, but I ended up reading it in the right order for me to see almost every page without too much re-reading the whole book. They really found a way to actually integrate the choose your own adventure concept on the story itself and make of it all. Very impressive. It's the reason weread comics, because it's fun,...

Comics reader since 2017, huge fan of Batman and most of DC universe. Favorite writers include : Jeff Lemire, Tom King, Scott Snyder, Tom Taylor, Stjepan Šejić, Alan Moore, Donny Cates, Kieron Gillen, Ed Brubaker.
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