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  • beetler
    beetler commented on the comic, Batman #69
    Batman #69
    I think that since he feared asking the question, he ultimately fears that that is the answer.
    • olbatboy

      What question and answer do you think he fears? 

      (I feel what is going on [and like it] but can't quite articulate it.)

  • beetler
    beetler commented on the comic, Batman #67
    Batman #67

    My interpretation, for whatever it's worth, is that the 'beep beep' sounds are coming from some sort of machine that Batman is hooked up to in the real world. So through the events of the issue, I think that Batman's unconscious mind is trying to make sense of the sounds he is hearing in some way. So he dreams up a familiar scenario of chasing after a...

    • olbatboy

      Dude. It’s roadrunner and coyote. It’s fun.  Roadrunner plays with coyote, joker with Batman. Porky pig makes his 3rd appearance. It’s a fun joke. Great job Tom king. It takes guts to risk a silly story like this. The nightmare gives him a reason to tell whacky stories.

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