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  • Basculin
    Basculin reviewed Karnak #6
    A dark, twisted and strangely lovable character: Karnak is at the end of it's six issue run and it was really a masterpiece, albeit very left-field from the typical kind of Marvel book. Gritty and visually stunning artwork...
    • Taren

      I forgot to get issue 6. Will pick up a copy tomorrow.  This was so good... It amazes me how some garbage will run for years and then something like this is so short lived... Well,  like Billy Joel said "Only the good die young."

  • Basculin
    We aren't far into 2017 but already this comic has got my attention. Where exactly it will go from here is anyone's guess (aside the creative team who hopefully know haha), but this start was pretty much perfect....
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    • ianisalways

      i loved it. i'm finding more and more, i'm a sucker for a good narrator in books.

  • Basculin
    This was a solid conclusion to a really fresh, well fleshed out, first arc. There are still lots of questions to be answered and what started as a fairly simple concept is now already a well-fleshed out series with interesting...
  • Basculin
    Stunning art wasn't enough to make up for a mediocre-at-best story. Percy's game has gotten pretty weak since the first story arc ended, and this story while a bit of fun was really pretty shallow and predictable....
  • A fun cartoony art style, some good humour and dialogue as well as an interesting mystery being set-up: this series promises to be a lot of fun. Can't wait to see which characters will appear, but I have a feeling we'll...
    • bryonerlene

      I picked this one up also, love the cover, inside was fun to read.

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