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  • barteag
    What a revelation this series has been. It's definitely weird, but from that weirdness is where its geniousness comes from. An original, unapologetic, fun and kinky story, with an amazing art and endearing characters....
    • Imcubillo

      This series is a ton of fun and much better than it should be, your review is spot on I love it. 

  • barteag
    barteag commented on the comic, Dryad #2
    Dryad #2
    Story seems interesting, but the art, particularly the pencils are not my favorites. I'd give it a go for the next number, but unless it picks up, I'm going to stop reading.
  • barteag
    barteag commented on the comic, Suicide Squad #5
    Suicide Squad #5

    Wow! What a great issue!

  • barteag
    barteag commented on the comic, Folklords #4
    Folklords #4
    There's something really magical bubbling under the surface here, but I think what's not helping me is to be reading it on monthly issues. I think this will flow a heck of a lot better as a TP.
  • barteag
    barteag commented on the comic, The Batman's Grave #6
    The Batman's Grave #6

    Loved the second half. The way Ellis' portraits Batman's detective work is amazing... the action sequence, as good as previous 5 numbers, but is already becoming way too repetitive for my taste.

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    • Wheezy1892
      Same, i think this will get chop, I have a lot of batman on my pull anyway but this one doesn't make the grade.
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