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Gods And Gears #1
Awesome Comic
September 28th, 2019

This comic is a classic, crazy , and fun flashback to when I first started collecting comics, it starts out with a racer, and his mechanic using a special car for time trials, while the racer is into magic, the mechanic is into machines of course, so the racer is trying a new potioin that will allow his mind to connect with the car they are racing(looks like a super bike) but as they go for a jump, a portal opens, and the mechanic gets sucked in, after losing his grip on the car,and is transported back in time to 1890 South America, where magic, and tech are at odds, and intelligent Gorillas are chasing a boy who does magic, all this, and a evil that has been locked away for years getting ready to come back, and get revenge on the boy for what his grandfather did. (Trapped him in another time, dimension thing) Yeah, it's crazy, wild, fun, and I loved every moment of it, the art is great, the colors are good. Just good clean comic fun. 5 stars. 

Loved It


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