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  • June 10, 2016, 12:30 pm

    I know I said weekly review but I was lazy/busy so you get another two for one deal.  I will never give away the main story plots of the comics, just my little opinions and tidbits about each issue.

    Pulls from 6/1/16:

    Batman: Rebirth - Glad they kept the new Batman suit around.  Also glad they utilized Calendar Man in this issue.  One of my favorite and underused baddies.  Didn't refer to the actual rebirth event so I assume Batman is just going to do its own thing.  Nothing wrong with that but I wanted to see Detective Batman solve the Rebirth mystery.

    The Punisher #2 - I love the Punisher (character).  When written well, his stories are amazing.  Best character in the Daredevil Netflix series so far as well.  In this comic series, the writing isn't so bad.  What is however is the art.  I'm not digging it at all.  They tried to go for realism and all I get is nightmare.  I honestly had to go back and reread pages because I didn't realize the character in the panels was the Punisher.  AHHHHH.  The fact you can't tell who the main character is killing the series before it gets going.  I might stick around for another issue or two but if things don't change i'm dropping it real quick.

    Civil War II #1 - I had to get the Hotwheels variant.  I love cheesy 90s covers.  That being said, I think this might end up being an interesting series.  Nothing happened in #0 but things picked up quickly in this current issue.  In the first Civil War I was definitely Team America but I am suprised that I am on Team Stark.  Team Marvel is trying to utilize an Inhuman who can see the future before it happens, but in doing so they are messing with fate and what's to happen. The first time they save the world, the second the team gets messed up pretty bad.  I'm excited to see how far this goes. 

    Moon Knight #3 - The awesome acid trip continues.  Marc Spector learns to control his perception of his surroundings with the help of Khonshu.  Need I say more?  If you aren't reading this, pick it up anyways.

    Amazing Spider-Man #13 - Now here we have Stark vs Parker and of course I will always be Team Parker.  Stark just acts like a petulant child who continues to get involved and put himself back into the limelight.  Their fight gets Miles Morales into some major trouble though.  Fingers crossed Peter and M.J. get back together in the future.

    Power Rangers Pink #1 - Now I wasn't planning to pick this up but my awesome comic shop put the first issue in my pull and I'm so glad they did.  The comic takes place right after the Pan-Am games.  If you don't remember, this was the gymnastics competition that caused Kimberly to have the leave the Power Rangers in the television show.  The Earth is in trouble and the Rangers are nowhere to be found so Kimberly must once again take up the mantle of the Pink Ranger to save the day.  Anyone looking for a strong, positive heroine, this is the comic for you.


    Pulls from 6/8/16:

    The Flash: Rebirth : I decided to pick this up just to check it out (more of an eh, why not? feeling).  This issue seems to take place before, during, and right after the DC Rebirth issue.  Here we see detective Flash and detective Batman work on the mysterious happy face button.  It seems like the Flash will follow the Rebirth story arc so I might need to stick with it to see what happens.  Other than that, it's just Barry being Barry.

    Darth Vader #21 - With only four more issues to go, things seem to be ramping up.  Darth Vader is going to kick the crap out of Cylo.  And we see the murderbots go after Dr. Aphra, who outwits them just to survive.  A fun, great comic I am sad to see end.  

    Big Trouble in Little China #25 - 25 is the very last issue in the series, which doesn't surprise me.  I felt like I was the only one that ever pulled this comic but it also feels a little rushed so they were probably hoping to have it run longer, but it's a fun finale to this comic.  Jack Burton and sidekick are thrown back into the future, but not all the way.  Egg pulled them back at the same time as the movie, and here we see their hijinks parallel to events in the movie.  I think it's a great way to tie everything back together without ruining or rewriting the movie.  What does the future have in store for Jack Burton and the Porkchop Express?  Who knows but we can say for sure there will be some wild adventures.

    Civil War II: Gods of War #1 - I think this comic series is going to be epic.  It starts with Chulk talking it out with Hercules.  When the huge fight from Civil War II breaks out, Hercules is distracted by the New Gods, who are invisible to everyone but him, making Hercules seem mad and crazy, similar to mythology and his drunken Marvel escapades.  To combat them, he decides to gather a team together called the Gods of War, uniting Gods from mythologies across time.  The hype is too real.  


    If I had to choose a favorite from each week, it would be Power Rangers Pink and Gods of War.  Pick them up and give them a chance if you haven't.  And remember, find your local comic shop and browse.  If it looks interesting, pick it up.  Give it a chance.

  • Hey readers,

    I thought I start a small comic book blog as a fun thing to do on the side.  This is more for family and friends, but if you are a stranger, welcome!  Here I'll review my weekly pulls and talk about related comic things.  If you have something you want me to talk about or want to correct me on or just share your opinions, let me know in the comments.  Writing was also never a strong point for me so I apologize if my writing does not draw you in.  


    Pulls from 5/18:

    Haunted Mansion #3 - I thought this book might be a bit too kid friendly with it being a Disney Kingdoms book, but I love this series.  The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite Disney rides and to me it is awesome how the comic creators worked hand in hand with the Disney Imagineers to build upon the existing story instead of just rewriting one.  This week, the part of the ride featured is the never ending, M.C. Esheresque staircase.  And poor Danny is forced to confront the attic, where Constance the ax bride lives.  Cannot wait. 


    Pulls from 5/25:

    DC Rebirth #1  - I will honestly say this is one of the first comic books that has left me estatic and so lost & confused at the end.  Now I didn't read Justice League #50 nor Superman #52 like Geoff Johns wanted me to (Sorry) so that might be one of the leading causes of my confusion.  Where is Superman?  Who is this Clark Kent and is he from a parallel universe? However, Wally West is back and is here to set things right.  I can't wait to see how the Watchmen are also involved with DC Rebirth.

    Civil War II #0 - Now i know this is an #0 issue, but the issue was pretty boring.  Like nothing happened except two kids experiencing the terrigan mists and She-Hulk losing a court case.  Still not sure what the Civil War is going to be about.  I might check out the next issue but I have my reservations.

    The Amazing Spider-Man #1.5 - Involving Santeria into Peter Parker's world has made for a fun, trippy adventure.  Watching Peter hide as a horse and buggy driver is just classic Spider-Man.  I love the narrative of a man torn between his Catholic God who he desperately wants to be his savior and the Santerian Gods who can heal him but he won't accept.

    Star Wars #19 - This arc with Dr. Aphra and Leia and Mrs. Solo in the prison has been such a bore for me and I'm so glad it has finally ended.  The best part of this issue was the return of Eneb Ray from the Star Wars Annual.  His point that Leia doesn't have the balls to really defeat the Empire makes a little sense and I want to see how far he goes to drive the point home.  And we know this is somewhat true since in the new Star Wars movie the Empire technically still exists as the New Order.  I hope the next arc actually goes somewhere.

    Tokyo Ghost #7 - Every issue has kept me engaged and entertained, which is all I ask from my comics.  I had no clue what I was originally getting into but I have to say this series is probably one of my favorite pulls.  Debbie has finally revealed herself but her mission might have just made things worse for herself, Dent, and everyone else in the world.  We'll have to keep waiting in suspense for what happens next.

    The Totally Awesome Hulk #6 - Now I always love me some Hulk.  And with an Asian lead, how could I not pick up this comic.  However, Chulk just isn't as interesting as normal Hulk.  I always loved the internal struggle of Bruce Banner trying to maintain his humanity, and they touched upon this last issue with Amadeus but that aspect was very minor in this comic.  I'm also tired of the writers telling us who Amadeus and Maddy are every single issue.  It is issue #6.  We knowwwwwwwwww already.  I'm glad Bruce is coming back next issue.  Or is he?

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