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  • Auntiffr
    Auntiffr commented on the comic, Gideon Falls #1
    Gideon Falls #1

    Finaly Lemire + Sorrentino  for the price of one. :-)

    • Taren

      They are an amazing team. 

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    • Varsas

      FYI Champions #10 should happen before Secret Empire #1 and Champions #11 happens directly after Secret Empire #1 and at the same time as the first part of Secret Empire #2.

      Also I'd moved Secret Warriors #2 above Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 as there is overlap with a couple of Inhuman characters; they appear as flashback in Secret Warriors but as the stories don't affect each other I think it's nicer to read the flashback before their current situation in Steve Rogers.

  • Auntiffr
    Auntiffr commented on the comic, Weapon X #7
    Weapon X #7

    I do not know what happened, but I think Marvel has lost his way. The art is terribly bad and the stories are predictable. All in one - now Marvel dont have good comic fo me. So sad...

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    • deepsea63
      Defenders is also very good book
  • Auntiffr
    Auntiffr commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Metal #2
    Dark Nights: Metal #2

    With every page the story is getting better and better!

  • Auntiffr
    Auntiffr commented on the comic, Image+ #1
    Image+ #1

    Wytches chapter one is so good!!

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