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  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 Bartel Spoiler Variant
    I don’t typically read MMPR books or even licensed properties, but I think this was a terrific story.
  • Atrembley
    Atrembley commented on the comic, Archangel 8 #1
    Archangel 8 #1
    This was fine. It felt a bit like the punisher mixed with a weird noir vibe, but the art was good and there was a good dnouvhflow thay I’ll read another issue.
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    • gregroyj42

      I decided to pick up resistance instead of this due to Straczynski.

  • Atrembley
    Atrembley commented on the comic, Strange Adventures #1 Variant Edition
    Strange Adventures #1 Variant Edition
    I read an advanced copy of this at C2e2. I loved it. I think it’s absolutely excellent. I am excited to re-read it tomorrow. Short note, if you like Tom King, you’ll love this. The art is fantastic too.
    • Taren

      Can't wait! 

  • Atrembley
    Atrembley commented on the comic, Batman #85
    Batman #85
    I am incredibly bummed to see this run end. Unpopular opinion it seems, but King is a brilliant writer and I think 1-50 will go down as one of the best Batman stories of all time. City of Bane is good, but it feels like it’s missing that same spark as the earlier issues. I’m going to read it, like everyone should, with an open mind. I am also interested in Tynion’s run, but I wonder if it will...
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    • Taren

      Are you reading the words the same way each time they appear? Give them different inflections, different "line readings" as we call them in the industry. I never hear them say thoes words twice the same way throughout the run. So much can be conveyed with 2 simple but poignant words. 

  • Atrembley
    Atrembley commented on the comic, Money Shot #2
    Money Shot #2
    Better than the first issue. Still a fun and unique premise. Worth the read
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