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  • ATComedy
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • ATComedy
    ATComedy commented on the comic, Dark Days: The Forge #1
    Dark Days: The Forge #1
    Such a great book! I've read it a few times now. Snyder has been planting seeds for this for a long time and I'm excited to see what comes next! The artwork is beautiful, the writing is incredible, and the story is really exciting. Get it now!
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    • nec

      Mind blown. I'm glad I recently read the entire new 52 batman run. This could be on the level of CoIE and IC.

  • ATComedy

    Everyone! Take the day off work tomorrow and get Dark Days: The Forge as soon as your local shop opens. Then read it over and over and over. I was able to get an advance copy because of the podcast, and IT'S SO GOOD! This belongs in everyone's collection. I've read it 3 times since getting it last night.

    • CaptainNervous

      Good to know. I really love that Jim Lee cover too.

  • ATComedy

    Hey all! Me and my friends started a comic book podcast called Read a (Comic) Book where we talk.about our favorite lines, Netflix and network shows, movies, and whatever else we feel like chatting about. We also introduce some non comic book readers to the wonderful world of comics! Would love to get some feedback! Website is Readacomicbook.com. Hope you all have a great release day tomorrow (even if CBR spoiled Batman already)

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    • Bauer32301

      So I finished the first episode (or episode #1).  I liked the humor and the authentic feel. The whole group has a very good rapport that is fun to listen to. I see that you are going for a looser more relaxed feel to the podcast, and I started to dig that by the end.  However, it seems like you could find a middle ground.  It seemed as if there was very little editing done on this episode. It felt as if it started when someone pressed the record button and then stoped when the "stop record" button was pressed.  While that helps add to the authentic feel, it also means I'm listening to people have coughing fits and flub lines and start again.  While I appreciate the desire to not stick to a time limit, I think the enjoyability of each episode would benefit from a little more editing and post-production. 

      As for the content, I really enjoyed the passion you all had and learning about a book that was not even on my radar and is now on my wishlist. That's the very reason why I personally want to listen to comic podcasts.  However, that was a very long time to spend on a single comic or comic run.  And, you seemed to basically go through the entire plot, which could be seen as spoiling a lot of it.  Now I'm personally not one to worry about things getting spoiled, I'm gonna read it anyway regardless, but you might want to watch out for that. Further, it started to get a little thin on meaningful thoughts the longer it went on, meaning you all kind of started to repeat yourselves as far as unique takes on the comic.  And as such, it started to dive into just recounting the plot, which to me, is not really a review.

      I hope that didn't come out to harsh. Those were just my thoughts. I enjoyed the episode and will check out your next one, I hope you all stick with it.

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