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  • Archnemesis
    Archnemesis commented on the comic, Amethyst #4
    Amethyst #4

    I would be so much more into this series if it had a different artist.

  • Archnemesis

    So, I hear The Rise of Skywalker's not doing too great right now.

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    • MannequinRaces

      I know this post is four weeks old but wanted to mention that Rise of Skywalker is Disney's 9th 2019 film to cross the $1Billion mark... that tells me it's doing alright, lol.

  • Archnemesis
    Archnemesis commented on the comic, True Believers: Annihilation - Moondragon #1
    True Believers: Annihilation - Moondragon #1

    I'm getting this for Moondragon. The cover is pure bonus.

  • Initially I saw DC's Futures End as just another sad event book that would only do and say what all other event books before it have said and done. But after seeing how many quality writers were assigned to this weekly event...
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    • Xploited
      I'm quite enjoying it so far and I'm not even sure I'll care if it sticks or gets undone with time-travel or some other sort of deus ex machina. It's a nice What if? / Elseworlds story at least.
  • Archnemesis
    Archnemesis commented on the comic, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1
    Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1

    This looks like it might be pretty good.

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