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  • aquaman0813
    aquaman0813 commented on the comic, Doctor Doom #7
    Doctor Doom #7

    This looks like a really good series.

  • As a Brubaker fan I had high expectations for what he could do with a character like Iron Fist.   I wasn't disappointed.   The groundwork Brubaker laid with Matt Fraction after the first six issues...
  • aquaman0813

    I have a question for the Community about some Marvel cross-over events. I have been going back and filling a lot of holes in my collection, especially from the last 10-15 years and there were a number of Marvel Events. I don't necessarily want to get them all, so I wanted to know your opinions on whether you thought they were well done, if you enjoyed them and how significant you feel they are to the Marvel universe. The events in question are:

    Avengers Disassembled - 2004

    House of M - 2005

    Secret Invasion - 2008

    Dark Reign - 2008

    Siege - 2010

    Fear Itself - 2011

    Avengers vs X-Men - 2012

    Civil War II - 2016

    I have the CW I collection, with all the spin-offs, which I collected after getting the Brubaker Captain America and Winter Soldier books. Getting all 96 books of that event was a task, so I have some trepidation about which events I want to go after. Thank you for your input.

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    • Hermatt

      First of all Civil War II you can just ignore. 

      Disassembled was good. I really enjoyed House of M. Most of the tie ins were pretty solid IMO. Had great significance to the X-men for years after. 

      Secret Invasion was a solid story. I think the build up to it was excellent. Dark Reign is pretty much the fall out of that. All this leads into Siege which I thought was good. 

      Fear Itself had great premise, Started off good but the ending fell flat for me. 

      AvX was very good. better than I expected it to be. and the Tie ins weren't bad. Especially the Vs. series. Showed the fights you did not see in the main comic. 

      If you are looking for Good Marvel events look cosmic. Annihilation, Conquest, War of kings Thanos Imperative. All Awesome!

  • aquaman0813
    I had been looking forward to reading this series, and it didn't disappoint.   I was intrigued by the concept, but when I got the issues, the story and the art impressed me more than I had anticipated. ...
  • aquaman0813
    aquaman0813 commented on the comic, Marvel Team-Up #23
    Marvel Team-Up #23

    One of my favorite titles in the Marvel Universe and I really enjoyed this issue.   Equinox is a fun villain and his return in MTU #59 was even better.

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