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The Green Lantern Season Two #2
March 11th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

i'll admit that i've never really gotten along with morrison's writing, and i usually tend to just buzz off and let people who like him like him, so this is meant as no insult to those of you who enjoy him, but i feel like this issue is a good example of why i'm finding this run so frustrating and i just needed to yell about it a little, so... look away if you're not into that!

my gripe is with eve. eve and everything she represents re: morrison's writing

i'm not one of the people who has a problem with adding new characters. in fact, she's not even technically a new character, and the fact that morrison brings back kinda obscure characters from older comics and builds on them is actually one of the things that i tend to enjoy about his stuff, but the problem is that he's not building on her. she's... carol. like, basically a straight up ripoff of carol.

i haven't read the original issues with eve in them, so that might be the fault of the original authors in the 60s, but, if you're going to bring her back now, why not give her some distinguising traits of her own, or, better yet, why not just bring the actual carol back? people have been begging for her to come back for almost half a decade now, and of course a writer is under no obligation to do something just because fans want it, but, like, what does eve bring to the table that carol doesn't? what's the point of having her here instead of carol?

this isn't just me railing against a new love interest because i like the old one better. i don't have a preference. if he were going to make eve a character of her own, it would be totally fine. i would love it. but this is literally just carol in a wig. in this issue, we're introduced to her vaguely indigenous friend and her rich, businessman father with whom she has a bit of a strained relationship. like, this is just store brand tom kalmaku and carl ferris, now. again, what is the point of introducing these characters who are just 1:1 copies of already existing characters that people love but with a mustache on instead of just using the original characters?

i get that morrison loves using obscure characters, and, like i said, i love to see them pop up... but i also love for there to be a reason for their being there beyond just "remember this character who showed up in 3 issues 50 years ago? no? well, I DID!" which is what so much of this feels like. it's empty and honestly just a little irritating.

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  • MaxLake32

    I can't agree with you more. The novelty of this run ran out on issue 4 on season 1. The only reason I continue to buy it is because Liam's art, in my opinion, has some of the coolest and most unique GL renditions out there and the GLC is my favorite little corner of comics. Other than that, I cheered when this was cut down to 8 issues, and cursed when it was bumped back up to 12.

    Reply  ·  3 months ago
  • aphrodite

    sharp is the only reason this was two stars instead of one, tbh. this run introduced me to him, and i wasn't too sure i liked his style at first, but boy am i eating my words, now! i've read a truly embarrassing amount of gl comics, and this is the first time in a long time that i've felt like the aliens are actually alien and maybe the only time i've seen it done so well so consistently.

    like, they're so weird you can't help but imagine what kind of weird planet they could've come from because it's clearly nothing like earth. even if they're just in a background panel, the designs are so striking that they catch your attention with their weirdness, but at the same time it doesn't feel like it's being weird for weird's sake. he clearly does at least a little thinking through the body plans of all of these characters. it's so neat! i really, really hope we get to see him on something else lantern related in the future!

    Reply  ·  3 months ago
  • MaxLake32

    I agree, I'd love to see him on more GL stuff, or even with other titles. Could you imagine him drawing Swamp Thing or other creepy monsters in Justice League Dark? Sharp may have some odd proportions, (Of which I think he has really improved upon in this GL run alone), but his imagination and style are really captivating. He's also one of the nicest and most humble people on the planet. Can't wait to see him get paired up with a different writer one day. 

    Reply  ·  3 months ago
  • ComicN00b

    Sorry to be replying to a 2 month old comment, but Tom Taylor. Liam Sharp + Tom Taylor on pretty much anything.

    Reply  ·  3 weeks ago