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  • antichris

    FYI - don't respond on the piracy site posts - this bumps them back to the top.  Just use the Question Mark button at the bottom right of the page to report it to the admins.

  • antichris

    Hey, monthly pullers!  It's the last Wednesday!  Here is my haul - surprisingly small for a 5 week month.

    BOOM! Studios
    Once & Future #3

    DC Comics
    The Green Lantern #12
    The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1
    Wonder Woman #80
    Wonder Woman #81
    Wonder Woman Annual #3

    Image Comics
    DIE #8
    Gideon Falls #17
    Man-Eaters #12
    Pretty Deadly: The Rat #2
    Sea of Stars #4
    Sonata #5
    Trees: Three Fates #2

    Marvel Comics    
    Daredevil #12
    Doctor Strange #20
    Doctor Strange Annual #1
    House of X #6
    Powers of X #6

    Vault Comics
    Money Shot #1

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    • Forthekids15

      I just stepped back from bi-weekly to monthly shipping and the wait is too much. 

  • antichris


    If you paste a link, use the little link icon on the toolbar to make it an actual link.  Just pasting the URL doesn't work on this site.


  • antichris

    It's like the discussions on here get rebooted every Thursday after the Wednesday new book reviews flood the feed.

    • Taren

      Yes... Like News cycles. 

  • antichris

    All right, my monthly pull peeps.  Here's what September looks like for me:

    Alterna Comics
    It Came Out On A Wednesday #8

    BOOM! Studios
    Once & Future #2

    DC Comics
    The Green Lantern #11
    Wonder Woman #78
    Wonder Woman #79

    Image Comics
    DIE #7
    Man-Eaters #11
    Pretty Deadly: The Rat #1
    Sea of Stars #3
    Sonata #4
    The White Trees #2
    The Wicked + The Divine #45
    Trees: Three Fates #1

    Marvel Comics
    House of X #4
    House of X #5
    Daredevil #11
    Doctor Strange #19
    Powers of X #4
    Powers of X #5

    Wonder Comics
    Dial H for Hero #7

    Looks like I forgot to put Sea of Stars on the list again, so I'll have to remember to pick it up manually.   Sad about WicDiv ending for sure, but excited for Pretty Deadly to pick back up with a new arc.

    • antichris

      Also, why is Daredevil not showing up?

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