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  • Andreww154
    Andreww154 commented on the comic, Sovereign TP
    Sovereign TP
    This was such an intriguing series. Unfortunately I think it got lost in the mix of new Image books - its unlikely but I really hope it starts up again.
  • Andreww154
    Finally BOP returns to the heights reached earlier in the series. This is a great issue and with high stakes and genuinely dramatic ending. I can't wait for the next issue - and its been a while since I've thought that.
  • Andreww154
    Another fun issues with amazing art from Howard Porter
  • Andreww154
    Another great instalment of Forever Evil. The plot progresses nicely with a big reveal at the end that promises to reveal one of the mysteries of the Crime Syndicate's arrival on Earth. Finch's art perfectly matches the...
    • paramsingh
      I see a lot of people hating on Finch, but his art most definitely matches up.
  • Andreww154
    Rucka expertly weaves together the various plot strands of the second Lazarus arc. Forever in only 6 issues has become a compelling and intriguing lead character. The world building is so rich and believable, it seems like...
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