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  • thejoker030
    thejoker030 » alistairjcbrown

    Good afternoon! I came across your github page for the unofficial API for here. I'm somewhat tech savvy, but I'm wondering if it's still in existence and how to use it I guess. I tried updating my collection using the stock app and it never pulls more than 30 comics. I have over 800. Any advice? Thanks in advance! -Mike

  • alistairjcbrown
    alistairjcbrown created a new list, Star Wars Reading Order

    Chronological reading order of the Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic series. This reading order maximises consistent storyline and keeps shared references between series close in reading order.

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    • Ferraz

      Vader Down was a crossover but do the rest of the series' relate/coincide?

  • alistairjcbrown
    alistairjcbrown created a new list, Star Wars: Vader Down

    A six-issue comic book run crossover event between Star Wars and Star Wars: Darth Vader comic series.

    • CaptHowdy

      I enjoyed this event.  I like how they haven't gone event cRaZy, but this was a fun one to follow it being the first and involving the whole line.  I wonder when/if they are going to have another one anytime soon?  With the new lines, Doctor Aphra, and Darth Maul, maybe next spring or summer?

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