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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #17
June 12th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

An issue of ups and downs.  The last issue tried to have a lighthearted feeling with Miles going on a grand adventure with his baby sister but was a huge letdown and super corny.

This issue felt like a regular Spider-Man issue where the lightheartedness landed perfectly with Miles helping out the kid who was bullied for designing his own clothes, though it felt like a weird reason to have the kid be bullied, versus the countless of other reasons they could have chosen.  One of the many flaws that Ahmed has.

The argument Miles had with his mom felt super forced and awkward.

The twist at the end was cool and while I am super excited to see what’s going on and how it all pans out, I think it’s about time that I finally drop this series and sell it.

There’s only been a handful of issues that I actually liked.  Unfortunately, this writer seems to be very out of touch and is one of the most ‘tryhard’ writers I think I’ve seen which negatively impacts the work in a huge way.

I’ve liked the art decently throughout but nothing about this series sets it apart and there’s more bad or boring issues than there are good.  It’d be really nice to see another writer pick up the series for a story arc to see if they could improve it.  I’ll probably still read this in digital format once it hits Marvel Unlimited, but it’s just not worth picking up as a floppy anymore.

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