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Kill Lock #5
Kill Lock #5 Review
June 11th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This little mini-series just continues to impress me.  This is pretty much the only currently released series that I’m telling people is a must read.

Every little plot twist and detail is done so well.  Nothing feels forced or over the top, it’s just being executed perfectly in every aspect.

The art in this issue at times felt a little more messy than other issues but it was still amazing.  During some of the fight sequences, there was a couple of panels where I couldn’t quite tell what was happening.

My prediction from my previous review was incorrect and I really have no idea where they’re going to go from here or how they’re going to conclude it all.  The child was critically injured but the artisan learned that he could absorb the child’s mind if he was willing to…but then the artisan came out and said that he was gone.  Plus, the laborer seems to be fatally wounded himself.

This just leads me into the character development.  The artisan showed compassion towards the child, in his own way of course.

They’re robots but done in such a way that they’re very human.  The series is very emotional in my opinion and really tugs at you, leaves you rooting for the robots and invested in the outcome of their journey.

I could seriously ramble on about this series forever, it’s wonderful.

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Loved It


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  • w017djs

    Glad to see someone else is enjoying this series too. I myself found some of the panels messy during the action but in the end the team I was rooting for wins. I found myself more shocked that the kill lock has no cure and wondered myself how will they conclude this story of misfit toys. Maybe the kids will take over the body of the artisan or something crazy but I am excited to find out.

    Reply  ·  1 month ago
  • alienz

    It's super surprising to me how little attention this series is actually getting for how great it is.  On the r/comicbooks sub, this didn't even make like the top 20 pulls for this past week when I'd say it's vastly superior to almost everything coming out.

    Reply  ·  1 month ago
  • Easybrand
    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR READ THIS SERIES!!! This is the best comic of 2020! This story is so well written and very well illustrated. The robots in this story are as human WALL-E and really have the ability to make you feel the emotion of what is going on in the story. I just think if you don’t pick this up you’re missing out.
    Reply  ·  1 month ago
  • alienz

    I completely agree.  The art specifically is done so well that every emotion of the robots is captured perfectly and you truly feel for them.  The dialogue is also top notch.  This is a must read.

    Reply  ·  1 month ago